About Us

About Us

Absolutely! Your visit to our store has truly made us proud! We sincerely thank you for your interest in getting to know us today. Welcome to the "About Us" section of damakdam.com. 😊

In today's world, technology like "Artificial Intelligence" (yes, we're tech enthusiasts too) dominates discussions. However, true intelligence has always been embedded in our lives during the era of Sanatan Dharma, prevailing for centuries. It's a heritage that showcases our glorious past, rich culture, and the wisdom abundant in our Vedas.

Modern youth are often drawn to Western culture and its fantastical superheroes like Marvel, DC , Anime and various other imaginative figures endowed with unique powers. Damakdam is our initiative to showcase our rich culture and introduce the real ancient superheroes with extraordinary abilities from our heritage to the world. We aim to enhance awareness about Sanatan Dharma through our captivating and distinctive graphic fashion art, embodied in our T-shirts and other merchandise, all of which boast the finest quality available in the market.


Our Story

Founded by Sanatani engineer and ignited by the ethos of Sanatan Dharma, signifying "the innate and timeless path of life."

Our goal is to globally introduce and enhance understanding of the principles of Sanatan Dharma through our distinctive graphic art showcased on T-shirts and a variety of merchandise, each accompanied by their captivating narratives.


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